About us


Camp Alta originated 12 years ago doing small tours with a couple of Snowmobiles. It is run by Leif and Miriam Haapalainen and if you are lucky their tri-lingual young son Hjalmar. Will offer you cookies and a polite personal welcome in Swedish, English or Spanish.


Situated In the forest next to a beautiful lake we have the ideal wilderness location a short drive from Kiruna. You have fantastic opportunities here to view the splendour of the Aurora as we are far away from the light pollution of the city.


Now we have a few more nice shiny powerful Snowmobiles to play and can offer you fantastic Dog Sledding and Northern Lights Tours. All of our guides are experienced and have their Snowmobile driving licence, the dog sledding companies we use have years of experience and Northern Lights have been around longer than all of us combined!  We have a fantastic Sauna on the Frozen Lake where you can jump directly from the sauna under the ice into the freezing lake. A Superb Sami Fire Hut where you can cook yummy food and have parties and lovely barbecue places situated throughout the camp which you can use also the wood is free in the winter time.


In the summer the camp is a fantastic starting place to view the Midnight Sun, you can go boating in the lake and view this spectacle from across Lake Altajärvi, have barbecues all night under the endless Sunshine or go for a swim should you feel like cooling down. We have electricity for mobile homes and places for your tents should you wish to camp, nearby you can walk in the forest and every year we see Reindeer and Moose walking around the camp.


We have a excellent selection of Cabins from 2 bed to 14 bed where you can stay in comfort at Camp Alta, some of which have toilets, showers and cooking facilities but we also have a fantastic service building for cooking and socializing and adequate clean toilets and showers.