Dog Sledding Lunch Tour

Drive your own Sled Dog Team

Join us in our winter wonderland for a bucket list worthy experience with our husky family. Drive a team of husky sled dogs up in the Arctic Circle through the mesmerizing sparking snowscape of Lapland. First and foremost the dogs are our family and we depend as much on them as they do on us. You are invited to meet and work with these awesome guys and girls as you share a journey through the Arctic wilderness.

We try to involve you in as many aspects of “Dog Mushing” as we can, when you arrive you will meet the dogs and the puppies as we explain to you some of the background of our dogs and our sport. You will be responsible for your own team of dogs, normally around 5 or 6 Siberian and Alaskan Huskies.

After meeting your sled dog teams, we will give you a short very important instruction on what to do and what not to do when driving a team of powerful sled dogs. Then together we will prepare your team, put on the harnesses and get the dogs into position ready to go. The start is a very exhilarating time as the dogs are powered with drive and enthusiasm to get off down the trail.

We will travel through glimmering snow covered forests across frozen swamps and Arctic lakes. Two people will share a sled and we will stop on several occasions in order to allow both of you to enjoying driving whilst your partner relaxes sitting on the dogsled, taking pictures or video or just enjoying the experience. We will also take photographs and sometimes video which you can have to remember this awesome experience.

Once back at our Husky Camp. We will thank our amazing dogs for their hard work by giving them some lovely chunks of meat! We will then let them rest and we will gather in our cozy fire hut or traditional Igloo to have some local cuisine which can either be a tasty Salmon or Mushroom Soup with Polar bread. You will have the opportunity to take some more photographs and when you are ready we will take you back to your Cabin or Hotel because you will no doubt feel a little tired after the day's breathtaking experience......................


Pick up is 09:00 to approx 14:00


2 persons/sledge                      SEK   1400/adult or 1300/student