Dog Sledding Northern Lights Tour

Drive a dog sledding team under the Northern Lights

Dog Sledding in Lapland in the darkness is nothing short of magical. It is a completely different experience from day time as you put you trust in your furry husky friends to pull you through the sparkling Arctic snow under the moonlight and quite often under the fantastic Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights as you may know them.

You will be given a very important short training session by us and together we help prepare your sled dog Team for the go. You will be responsible for your dog team but our experienced guides will be on hand to assist if need be. We will also try and take some nice photographs for you which you can have later.

Expect the unexpected as we travel through the silent gleaming snow trails with only the blue and brown husky eyes shining in front of you. In this trip two people will share a sled with 5 or 6 Siberian and Alaskan Huskies and there will be opportunities to change drivers of the Sled. Sometimes we see Reindeer and Moose in the wild on these trips and the dogs get very excited !!

When we arrive back at our Husky Camp we will reward your sled dogs by giving them a yummy big chunk of meat (Raw of course!)

Then you will be treated to a fantastic dish of local Salmon or Mushroom Soup in our cosy and warm firehut with an open fire. You can also hang out in our Igloo, take pictures and have snowball fights if you still have the energy and if we see The Aurora we will try and get some nice pictures of you under this amazing spectacle of nature.


We will pick you up at approximately 17:30. We will notify in advance by text or call. The tour ends at approximately 21:00.


Detailed terms and regulations regarding safety, conditions etc. can be found here


2 persons/sledge                      SEK   1400/adult or 1300/student